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6 Pack of What You Need Today

Week 11 DraftKings Picks: All-In On the New Orleans Saints | Amr Gabr


It’s Week 11 of the NFL season and our chances to attack the DFS world are running slim. As it has been every week, this column will give you an idea of my favorite plays for the week and who I think will have the best games, expose the best matchups, and give you an edge to win some money. 

'Sell Me This Trailer': Our Weekly Movie Trailer Rundown, Nov. 15 | Brian Lendino


This week on 'Sell Me This Trailer' is taking me all the way back to my childhood. It's a four-pack of nostalgic animated movies dropping in 2020, a Ben Affleck opus which looks like an extremely eerie mirror of his personal life, and a thriller that turns you on your head. 

Colin Kaepernick, the NFL and What it Means For the Chicago Bears | Brian Lendino


The National Football League sucks at taking criticism. It always has. That’s super ironic for an organization that takes criticism from all sources, on all days, in all ways. That's why the league's announcement Wednesday that it would open the doors for Colin Kaepernick to work out privately this weekend in Atlanta came as a slight surprise. 

Call to the Pen: A Halloween Disaster | Matt Gould


Halloween is up there with my least favorite holidays. To be fair, my list of favorite holidays has Christmas on it and that’s it. The rest are pretty much all on the list of least favorite holidays. But wow did this eventful evening at Greensboro really turn into a disaster. 

Ruthless, Cutthroat, Business: 'Silicon Valley' Ep. 3 Recap | Brian Lendino


Silicon Valley has always done a masterful job of turning big tech companies and the people within the industry on its head with precision comedy and antics. It's a funhouse mirror game show extravaganza of self-aggrandizing satire. Episode 3 titled 'Holli Smokes!' perhaps does that better than any episode to date.

It's Early, but the Chicago Blackhawks Need a New Direction | TJ Sennott


Unless something drastic changes this will be the third year in a row that the Blackhawks will be on the outside looking in during the postseason. I know this organization has had dark times in the past, but after you go on a run like they did through the 2010s winning is expected. We all understand regression will take place as stars age, but this organization should have the ability to re-tool and compete. Someone is to blame here.

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