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I'm a Homeowner and Wish My House Was Haunted | Tommy Brown


I wish my house was haunted. That would honestly be a welcomed alternative to what I am living with now. I like to refer to my house as Murphy. What can go wrong, will go wrong. Everything from massive spiders and too many trees, to broken appliances and my wife not being that great about taking care of our bathroom. The point is, this is a major bittersweet thing for me and my family.

It's Been a Dull September on the South Side | Sean Keane


Baseball’s regular season is moving along as we enter the final month, and for the White Sox that means one thing, expanded rosters and call ups. Even though the Sox will once again finish the season well off the playoff pace, there are things to look forward to as a Sox fan. Luis Robert is the biggest bright spot for the franchise, but what exactly are we missing by not bringing him up this September?

A MARVELous Spinnin 10 | Uncle Dave


Aside from the socially diverse, action pack and awesome movies that have been released over the year, fans have been treated to a cornucopia of music featured in all the films. Today’s Spinnin 10 is just a small sampling of the hits - some big, some classic, some cult favorites and some smooth. From AC/DC to Marvin Gaye, there is something in the Marvel movies for everyone.

How Week 2's Injuries Dictate Your Week 3 DFS Lineups | Amr Gabr


Oh man, what a shit show. That's the best way to describe Week 2 in the DFS world in a few short words. Luckily, this is a weekly game so we can wash our hands and move on. As we prepare for Week 3, I'm going to take a look into some injuries that that might affect the fantasy landscape and examine how we can take advantage of some new players expected to increase opportunity at a value price. 

2 Drunk Brothers, Ep. 48: NFL Injuries, CFB Rivalries, and Locks | Travis & Jerett Rion


After coming back with a winning week two weeks ago, Travis faltered again on his gambling picks last week going 2-6, while Jerett went 4-4. With Travis having another bad week, he needs to go at least 4-4 this week to avoid a punishment, so get some ideas ready if he doesn’t hit that mark! Tune in this week to check out our locks of the week, run down of sports news, and a brand new segment! 

Winners and Losers of HBO's 'Succession' Season 2, Episode 6 | Brian Lendino


It is apparent that we have reached a tipping point in HBO's Succession. I say this not only from the viewpoint of individual characters and their trajectory, but rather from one of the show's overall plot and theme. It's not a good look and we're building a slow drum beat death march towards something catastrophic happening. 

Until that doomsday hits, this is where we're at in Episode 6, 'Argestes'.

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