City of Big Shoulders

Why We're Here

I had a conversation with a gentleman once that changed my outlook on a lot of things. He told me, "Brian, there is no reason for anyone to feel sorry for me because I don't feel sorry for myself. I have made mistakes and I live with them. I will get through them. And I will learn from them. You can only control what you can control and as long as you own what you can control and work to mitigate the losses of what you can't, you'll be ok." 

Jeff Nance is no longer with us. He passed away two years ago of cancer and spent nearly two years homeless on the streets of Chicago. I met him one day in 2015 after I offered him the remainder of a Giordano's Pizza. We talked and I learned. 

Chicago is a city of broad shoulders. We are a working blue collar town with strong and weathered individuals. Not everyone of them has the same background, same present, and no idea what their future holds. The City of Big Shoulders is here to let them tell their stories. 

Get Involved

City of Big Shoulders is our way of giving you the microphone to tell your story. Chicago is just that, a city of big shoulders carrying the tales of folks with big dreams. Perhaps writing for us isn't in the cards but you know someone with a story that deserves to be heard—a story that needs to be heard. Let us help you tell it. 

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